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The Black Orcs storm Blood Bowl 3

The Black Orcs storm Blood Bowl 3

Four brand new teams take to the Blood Bowl field in the highly anticipated third video game of the famed franchise. Among the teams is a race that will be familiar to fans: the Black Orcs! NACON and Cyanide Studio are proud to present a gameplay video of this breed so you can marvel at their crushing physical superiority.

Watch the video featuring the Black Orcs, one of the new teams in Blood Bowl 3

Tired of the amateur performance of the other Greenskins, the Black Orcs decided to create their own teams. Forget passing, dodging and speed: the Black Orcs are especially shining examples of how to methodically and relentlessly kick opponents into the mud.

Supported by a troll, whose brute strength is matched only by his stupidity, and goblins who carry the ball and flood the field, the Orcs’ favorite tactic is to violently crush anyone stupid enough to clear the way to the endzone to block!

The Black Orcs, with all their strength and violence, are a formidable race in Blood Bowl 3. Videos coming soon that will give more info about the other teams, including their strengths, weaknesses and the strategies they can use in the game.

Blood Bowl 3 will be released in August 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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