This week, the producer Night Dive Studios will relaunch the classic Turok in “remastered” version for PCs! And the game arrives this Thursday, day December 17th!

Although the official release claims that the game is running on a “new engine”, the trailer below shows that it still looks the same as 1997, and should be running widescreen at most.

Anyway, Turok it marked an era for being extremely fun and nonsense, after all, not every game allows us to shoot cyborg Velociraptors equipped with miniguns!

Check out the gameplay trailer for this remaster below and try to find something new in its look:

If you enjoyed this FPS classic in the 90s and are looking to strafe some dinosaurs, stay tuned: Turok arrives on the day December 17th, and will be sold in stores steam, GOG and The Humble Bundle.


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