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The curious method allows you to have Google Photos Free and Unlimited

The curious method allows you to have Google Photos Free and Unlimited

almost nothing a few days ago google photos It is no longer free of charge and unlimited for all users. From this moment on, all the photos you upload to your account will subtract space from the 15 GB free from your account. The networks have not been slow to catch fire after this value of Google and there are many users who talk about Very interesting trick to have Google Photos Unjustified and Unlimited. We have tried this curious form and it works perfectlyalthough it has some drawbacks.

Google Photos Free chaining of Gmail accounts

If you refuse to stop using Google Photos and your 15GB is already exhausted, you have one last option to try. Google gives away to each new lucky Gmail 15GB of space on their servers. In social networks like Twitter they have not taken a week to tell that you just have to create a new Google accountset it up with Google Photos and light: you will have a new 15 GB of space.

The theory is simple and very interesting, because every time you run out of space you just have to create a new account and light. You will simply have to write down the emails proportionately and retain that your backup will be split across multiple accounts different from the liberal of the Aprils.

It can be a bit cumbersome, but if you keep using google photos of fee you could end up spending a lot of cash. Some time ago we made an estimate of how much Google Photos will cost you over the years if you agree to have installment plans. A hint: it will be more and more for the accumulation of GB.

It’s not all good, accumulating Gmail accounts is a hassle

If you have a lot of time it can be an option, but you must have everything properly linked so that your photos are safe and you never lose them. On the other hand, chaining Google accounts will force you to delete photos from your mobile every time you use the 15 GB of space. Why? We tell you!

When you create a new Gmail account and set it up in Google Photos, the first thing you do is create a backup of all the main photos of your mobile. This means that the first thing it will do is make a copy of the photos that have already been copied to your preview account.

When you create a new Gmail account to set it up you must delete the local photos of your mobile (they will stay in your old Google Photos account) so the new account doesn’t do that backup. It is in this step when you can make mistakes and lose the occasional image.

Still, this method delivers what it promises And if you get the hang of it, it won’t be that hard to do: create a new Gmail account, empty your phone of local photos, and set up Google Photos with the new account.

We have tested it and we can tell you that it works. Of course, depending on how many photos you take in Google Photos, you may need to create multiple Gmail accounts a year and that means in 3 years you could have your backup divided into 10 or 15 different accounts. Schizophrenic!

Still has Unlimited and inappropriate Google Photos it’s still possible if you’re willing to be in control and take your time setting up accounts and images.