With everything that has been happening lately on the console front, it seems that many are of the opinion that the era of gaming machines is now over. Anyone who wants to play with maximum performance has to do is assemble a gaming PC.

Also Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft thinks so, but according to his predictions we will still have a generation of consoles before moving on to direct game streaming. Guillemont made this statement:

On the console side, we expect new consoles that will advance the market more and more, and we feel that it will … We will still have a generation of consoles before a completely new generation of them arrives on the market.

The Ubisoft CEO went on to declare its support for game streaming in the future, in fact, according to him (but also according to today’s reality) high-performance connections will be needed to be able to implement the sale of consoles dedicated to streaming.

For now, lovers of classic home consoles can breathe sighs of relief, also because players are still troubled by the unknown PS4 Neo and the rumored Xbox One upgrade. What do you think? Do you also agree with the words of Yves Guillemont?


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