The Final Cut will be released in September.

NeocoreGames ’hack-and-slash trilogy, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, was recently completed, and the home team has now reached one million copies in three episodes. To this end, it has been announced that a collection version of the game will be released in the autumn, in September, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut titled, of course, embracing everything that was in the three parts. From the beginning of the story, you can choose from six character classes to then embark on a 50-hour campaign. Smaller or larger modifications can be expected, for example, to make tower defense games optional. During the campaign, we can reach level 80, but in other game modes we can increase our character level to 100. If you want, you can embark on adventures with up to level 80 characters, take part in daily challenges and weekly events, and of course there will be multiplayer game modes (four-player cooperative game, touchdown, arena and battle royal). The Final Cut edition will cost $ 44.99, however, those who have all three episodes can get this version for free. In addition, after the release in September, Neocore promises even more updates and expansions for the game.


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