It was almost no longer hoped for. After 7 years from the official announcement and having repeatedly put it to keep company with Half Life 3 in the pile of titles that would never come out, The Last Guardian has finally arrived in stores around the world.

Fumito Ueda’s latest creature lands on the market, in addition to the traditional packaged version, even with one collector’s edition as expensive as it is greedy for content.

With a not quite popular price of 150 euros in fact, you can take home there large box with the features of a trunk containing really several goodies. It starts with an art book of 72 pages containing numerous drawings of the protagonists of the and settings, continuing with some exclusive stickers, a code to digitally download the ten tracks that make up the very successful one soundtrack, a second code to download the dynamic theme exclusive to PlayStation 4 and (obvious but not too much these days) the game disc into a wonderful one limited edition steelbox.

As if all this were not enough, to justify the high cost of this collector’s edition there is one large and beautiful statue depicting the two protagonists, the boy and Trico: real icing on the cake and absolutely unmissable piece in the collection of all fans of Ueda’s works.

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