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The Last of Us 2 has several deep spoilers leaked across the Internet; Game arrives in June


The Last of Us 2 has several deep spoilers leaked across the Internet; Game arrives in June

The Last of Us: Part 2 continues to generate news around the gaming world, for bad reasons. After a very questionable gameplay video, delays (which happen since the gameplay of the game, which was released just two years after the official announcement), the disclosure that the game is postponed indefinitely, and even a former employee who resolved report excessive work practices in naughty dog, last Sunday, 26, information about the game was leaked over the Internet.

Among the content that was leaked, there are very important spoilers about the plot, with extremely sensitive information for those who care about the game’s story. In fact, the entire script was released. The content was leaked, according to what circulates on the Internet, by a former employee of the naughty dog, who would be dissatisfied with the company, due to the already reported excess of work, in addition to non-payment of wages.

The origin of the video is not known, nor whether the content was leaked from the final version, or from one close to the final one. And not even if the game ended up in the “wrong hands”, or was stolen in some way. It is only known that it was shared on Youtube, in an account that has already been deleted. But it was on the air long enough for the video to be downloaded. What generated several shares throughout the Internet, in forums and social networks.

We had published that the naughty dog, at the time of publication, had not commented. But later, the studio posted a message saying it was “disappointing” to see everything that was shared. He recalled those eagerly awaiting the game, to avoid spoilers, and promised that “no matter what you saw or heard, the final experience will be worth it.” See the release:

It is the second time that content from The Last of Us: Part 2. In early April, as soon as the postponement was announced, videos with gameplay and previously unreleased scenes were leaked, with some spoilers. Yesterday’s leaks bring even deeper and more detailed content regarding the game’s history, which will disrupt, and a lot, the experience of those who care about the game’s history, and its characters.

The Last of Us 2 gets date: June 19

And this Monday, the Sony issued a statement, about news on release dates. Besides Ghost of Tsushima, which will arrive on July 17th, The Last of Us 2, which was without a release date, was confirmed for June 19th.

THE Sony he stated, in his post, signed by Hermen Hulst, the head of Sony Worldwide Studios, a SHE, that their teams continue to deal with “a world altered by covid-19. But that, in the midst of “some interruptions in work styles”, the questions about the producer’s upcoming games were updated.

At the time the post was published, there had been no communication from Naughty Dog, or Sony, about what happened. We’ve updated the post with the later release from Naughty Dog.