In the game, we don’t have to fight against zombies, but against infected, sick people who, for that reason, don’t wander the streets like mindless meat towers, but think and chase.

Plenty of a month to slip on The Last of Us appearance, so we can only expect it on June 14th. However, Naughty Dog’s play is worth the wait, as an interview revealed that this will be the studio’s longest play to date, even though the Uncharted episodes weren’t exactly short. Although Eric Monacelli did not reveal a specific playing time, he noted that it will largely depend on our style of play. He also touched on our in-game opponents, whom he stated we don’t have to fight zombies. The city will be full of very living people, but they have been infected by an unknown spore that has turned them away from themselves. If they were zombies, they would just stumble aimlessly through the streets, and we could easily dodge them, but as people think and chase, they will try to catch us.


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