Announced this very morning, The Last Remnant Remastered for PlayStation 4 has confirmed its arrival in the West and also leaves us its final release date.

The day appointed to premiere in Europe and North America is December 6 this year, same day chosen for its premiere in Japan. It will be available digitally on PS4 for €19.99.

An epic adventure for the truth

Originally released in 2008, The Last Remnant captured the hearts of gamers with its gripping story, numerous characters, and intricate combat system. Its new remastered version for PS4 presents some incredible graphics improved thanks to Unreal Engine 4which provides an adventure more fascinating than ever.

The Last Remnant Remastered tells the story of a world full of relicssome ancient artifacts that grant mysterious powers to their owners and that have broken the balance of the world.

Thus began a era of endless conflicts between those who command and those who obey. In this war-torn fantasy world, players will follow a young man willing to unravel the truth.


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