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The movie “Jobs” promises to be a huge flop

The movie “Jobs” promises to be a huge flop

Only a couple of days have passed since the release in US theaters of the film “Jobs” dedicated to the life of the former Apple CEO but it seems that critics have already crushed this film.

The first negative note of the film derives from the box office as it collected “only” 6.7 million dollars in sales in 2,381 theaters in the first week of programming. The result obtained from the takings is much less than what they expected given that they had expected a collection between 8 and 9 million dollars.

Here is what Box Office Mojo reported:

The film was cut short by critics who said that it was just a soap opera that came out badly and the actor who played Steve Jobs was unable to render the character of the former Apple CEO well by simply following the script without representing truths. emotions and attitudes.

It is worth mentioning that “Jobs” earned less than a third of what the 2010 film “The Social Network” earned. on the founding of Facebook which reached the top spot during the first weekend of programming in the United States reaching $ 22.4 million.

We just have to wait for the Sony film that we remember has bought the rights to the official biography of Steve Jobs.