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The next Xiaomi Black Shark will be incredible and invincible

The next Xiaomi Black Shark will be incredible and invincible

Since the beginning of the year we have spent some presentation and many rumors about the top variety terminals that will fill the 2021 catalogs. Today we have to whisper about one of the most important Xiaomi models, the angry shark 4. The company should renew this strip of terminals in March, but the announcement could be brought forward as all manufacturers are doing with their respective registrations. The CEO of BlackShark has confirmed on his social networks that the device could be incredible.

The Black Shark 4 would be unbeatable in terms of performance

It is very strange that a CEO of a company as important as Unfavorable Shark make such strong statements. Luo Yuzhou has confirmed on Weibo that the future angry shark it will be invincible. This makes us think that the company is very clear that it will be the first in the AnTuTu lists and other benchmarks.

Chinese manufacturers have a certain obsession with numbers and scores in different narration points, fighting until the end to get the best positions. If the CEO of the company has communicated little like that, it means that they are very clear about it.

The Black Shark 4 has it docile to enter the top

As a business, you don’t have to think too hard about what hardware your onboarding range device must include to be successful. In 2021 the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is being, at the moment, the protagonist. Include this processor, a memory RAM LPDDR5 and storage UFS 3.1 is the first to have one of the best scores.

So, of course, it is necessary to optimize the software in order to get the best performance out of these components, something that Xiaomi does correctly, but it is not the only company that knows how to do it. Oppo broke the AnTuTu record a few days ago with the Oppo Find X3 that has not yet been presented.

Perhaps the fight for the best performance of early 2021 is between this Oppo and the new Xiaomi BlackShark 4. What is certain is that the two will be great devices that can handle everything you want to throw at them, offering slight or non-existent differences in the day-to-day life of users.

What do you think of angry shark 4? Do you think it will be invincible?