The new Japanese machine arrives in the fall.

Rumors spread at the beginning of the year that a new, cheaper Switch version could come later this year. Nintendo, of course, denied everything, even in the E3 Nintendo Direct broadcast, stating that they would not announce any new hardware. Now, however, the moment has come, the secret has been revealed: in the autumn, a new version of the Switch, which will function exclusively as a handheld console, will hit stores, Nintendo Switch Lite.

In the new version, the display has been integrated with the two controllers and the control has also been slightly redesigned compared to the Joy-Con. Instead of the four directional buttons on the left, we got a +-shaped D-pad, while omitting the IR camera as well as the HD Rumble function. As a result, we will need an extra Joy-Con pair to use games that require extra Joy-Con features, such as 1-2 Switch. There will also be no option to connect to a TV: the new machine will only be available in handheld console mode.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will run any Switch game that supports handheld mode (this can be checked on the back of the game box). Certain restrictions may apply, so it may be advisable to go to the Nintendo website for accurate information before selecting games.

Available in yellow, gray and turquoise, the new machine will be available from September 20, 2019, and an exclusive version will be available in stores on November 8: the limited edition Nintendo Switch Lite Zacian & Zamazenta Edition will be adorned with two new legendary pokemon images from November 15. from the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield games that appear on. No information about prices yet.


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