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The Nokia E7 will arrive in April

The Nokia E7 will arrive in April



Slide-out qwerty keyboard on the new communicator.

There are sure to be some of our readers who still remember the late 1990s a Nokia for your first Communicator phone. The predecessor of today’s smartphones can be considered these devices, which at that time appeared with a very bumford look, on which it was already possible to e-mail, and when folded out, they also had a full qwerty keyboard on them. Nowadays, the development is mainly in the direction of touch screen phones, but several manufacturers even have models with a standard keyboard. These include the Finnish manufacturer ‘s new mobile phone, mainly for business use, Nokia E7. With a 4-inch phone with a 360 * 640 pixel resolution display, the qwerty keyboard becomes accessible, similar to the N97. In our experience at the press conference, you have to get used to the sliding up a bit at first, but after a few tries, it was easy to pre-conjugate the qwerty so that the keyboard would remain stable under the tilted display. The E7 has 16GB of internal memory, which cannot be expanded with a memory card this time. An 8 megapixel camera is included, with a dual LED flash, and connected to a TV with an HDMI cable, we can even view photos and movies stored on the phone in a large, 720p resolution image. You can also connect your USB flash drive to your phone with a suitable converter cable to access the data on it. The Symbian ^ 3 device welcomes Nokia’s standard interface with three customizable home screens that can be populated with quick launch icons and widgets. Holding hands, we were lucky enough to see a device that looked very rugged, with a look similar to the N8, except that the camera part doesn’t hang out on the back of it. The Nokia E7 will be available from April.
The product presentation press conference also talked about some new Hungarian applications coming to Ovi Store, which will be available for Symbian ^ 3 devices soon (some of which can be downloaded now). These are the programs of Index.hu, Bookline, Budavár Tours, Portfolio.hu and Tőzsdézz.hu, providing convenient access to the articles and services of the given website or company.