Another interesting piece of information came out about Bungie’s promising game.

Bungie’s upcoming sci-fi game, a Destiny it will certainly not be short of curiosities. This time we got some information about the three playable races and castes. Of course, the people who are under the protection of the inhabitants of the last city on Earth and the Traveler cannot be left out this time either. The second race, inspired by vampires and elves, is awoken. They are both beautiful and mystical, knowing little about their origins. On the third side, they stayed a little inside the house, as the exotic robotic race was inspired by Master Chief himself and the Terminator, with some undead beats.
In terms of castes, the magic number is again three, although this time they are more called fighting styles. The Titans are chin-armed, tank-like assassins, the hunters are adventurous mercenaries, while the witch masters are intergalactic mages. Of course, all three will go into battle with different abilities, about which information will be revealed later. Our more eye-catching readers could already see the models and concept drawings of the castes in the last video. There is no news about the release yet, but it may come to light in the coming months.


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