It has now become clear that the target amount will not be collected on Kickstarter, so the campaign was blown ahead of time, instead they are trying to gather more sponsors on the official side.

In mid-June, Jim Walls, the creator of Police Quest Games, announced that he wanted to create another police game with Precinct gave an address. The veteran developer at Kickstarter wanted to get adequate financial support from fans, but it has now become certain that the campaign will not be successful. About a week and a half would be left, but so far only $ 86,000 of the $ 500,000 set has been raised.
“As you know, there is only a good week left in the Kickstarter campaign. To date, barely 15% of the target has been met, so it has become clear that we will not achieve it. That is why we are stopping the Kickstarter campaign today. let’s start, this time independently, on the official site of the game. We want to be able to show you what we were thinking with fan money as soon as possible. ” – reads Walls’ statement.
You can find the official site of the game around here, where this time they are trying to flatten out $ 400,000. The campaign consists of four stages:

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  • $ 25,000 – You can make a short but playable demo of the game so everyone can make sure it’s worth sacrificing for. In the demo, we could learn about the interface and controls.
  • $ 90,000 – A much more extensive demo would be made that would already include an entire quest.
  • $ 250,000 – Well, that’s why we would really get a real demo, in which we could get to know the world of Fraser Canyon, as well as the adventures that await us there. Here we could not only try one quest, but also gain insight into the story.
  • $ 400,000 – That’s all the money it takes to complete the game.
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The success of a new campaign depends largely on how well they can get its existence across to players at all. Whether it can be successful is difficult to predict, in any case, based on the information and plans on the official site, an interesting game can emerge from Precinct when it is completed.


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