In August last year, the Ukrainian studio Frogwares decided to withdraw The Sinking City from sale. The reason for the decision was the conflict with the publisher. Today, the production went back to the Steam platform, but the option to buy it was removed after a few hours.

  • The Sinking City debuted in June 2019 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.
  • In August last year, due to a conflict between the developers and the publisher BigBen Interactive / Nacon, the game was withdrawn from digital distribution.
  • Today The Sinking City is back on Steam, but the game still cannot be purchased.
  • The Sinking City review.

The detective adventure game The Sinking City from the Ukrainian studio Frogwares has been returned to sale for a while. The company has been in court with the publisher Nacon (formerly Bigben Interactive) since August. The dispute was caused by the publisher’s controversial actions, which consistently delayed payments due under the contract, and then requested the studio to hand over the source code of The Sinking City – after hearing the refusal, all payments due to the creators were suspended.

During the trial, however, a court in Paris admitted that Frogwares’ decision to withdraw the game from sale and at the same time terminate the contract with the publisher was unlawful.

The Sinking City is still available for purchase from the Microsoft Store, though Bigben Interactive is still featured as publisher there. On Steam and the Nintendo Store, the publisher is Frogwares.


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