Frogwares, the independent studio responsible for the Sherlock Holmes game saga (which did not land on PlayStation until 2012), invited us at E3 last year to witness what they have in hand for next year: The Sinking City.

It is an open world investigation game, with touches of action, based on the universe of HP Lovecraft. From the renowned author of fantastic novels, he will base his setting of terror and strange creatures, and the gameplay from the Sherlock Holmes saga. But let’s see what exactly this game offers, which went somewhat unnoticed at the fair, but which Sonyers was able to see exclusively.

who seeks, finds

The story immerses us (and never better said) in the skin of a private detective in Innsmoutha fictional city in Massachusetts devised by HP Lovecraft himself, which apart from being quite strange because of the beings that inhabit it (apart from humans), is completely flooded.

In this location, we will have to try to solve several cases of disappearances and strange deaths while the protagonist fights with his own ghosts, as we will comment on later.

The game offers maximum freedom of action to resolve cases, without any guide, as we are used to. We will have a map, yes, and the people we meet will give us missions, too, but nothing will be marked (or where to go, or what objective to follow).

This will give the game a difficulty that we are currently not so used to in open world games. But do not despair, because the answers will always be within our reach, and it will be by asking, reading and paying close attention to our surroundings that we will get ahead.

Don’t let loose ends

Conversations with the characters will always present two options and depending on our answers, we will obtain more or less information. We will also find information to know how to advance objects, newspaper clippings, etc.

It may be that this information is not complete and we have to go to the city library, or to the printing press, and cross the information obtained with authentic catalogs of documents and newspapers to find the most useful clues. Of course, the game proposes a gameplay of authentic investigation.

It will be important not to advance in the cases “by bag” and try to get all these clues and hidden information in conversations and documents, because our actions and decisions will change the endings of the missions/cases (resulting in solving them to a better or worse extent) or even cause us to see the Game Over screen.

But not everything will be slow research and moments of calm; we will also have some action in The Sinking City. Upon discovering traumatic scenes, such as when we find a dead body, the protagonist will enter a state of transient madness, the game image will degrade and horrible monsters will appear that will try to attack us and we will have to shoot them down.

It will not be a graphic wonder

The game lazy in the technical section. The visual quality is not up to the current PlayStation 4 games, with poor graphics, poorly detailed textures and somewhat crude animations, although it does not prevent us from enjoying the dark setting that it proposes.

We couldn’t test the game, so we can’t say if this defect in the graphic section is compensated by smooth control and within expectations, but for example, we noticed the camera too close to the protagonist’s back.


Let no one despair if this last paragraph has not been to their liking, since its launch is planned for March 21st of 2019 for PS4 and Xbox One, so there are still long months of development and improvements to a product that already looked quite advanced, so Frogwares will be able to focus on that aspect.

Even so, if you’re a fan of HP Lovecraft’s stories, it’s hard to find a game like this on the market, and it sure deserves a chance.


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