The 2.0 kitchen becomes smart, with portable and increasingly connected appliances.

We are in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), where we are able to remotely monitor a person suffering from heart problems with a “simple” smartwatch: smart devices, including kitchen appliances, could not be missing.

So here is Mijia, the sub-brand of the Xiaomi giant based in China, which launched Mijia Microwave Oven on the Chinese market, at a price that is astounding for us. It is a microwave oven that can be controlled via the app of your smartphone, but also with the help of the voice through the smart speakers of the Amazon and Google home; as always happens when it comes to Xiaomi, the price is one of its strengths, in this case it is around 55 euros.

The Mijia microwave oven has an internal capacity of 20 liters, supports voice commands that allow it to start operation in heating mode or for its quick start: the Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz module it allows interaction with Alexa and Google Assistant, XiaoA (Xiaomi’s virtual assistant), but also through the mobile app it is possible to control the microwave from the mobile phone.

With these innovations, it may come naturally to the question whether it is worth abandoning the ventilated electric oven for a microwave one: the answer can be found in the type of oven.

Basically the convection oven heats the air internal with its coils,

allowing the Maillard reaction, which is a complex chemical reaction that allows the formation of the crust on the surface of the food that makes us lick our fingers.

The microwave oven is very different, because it does not actively cook the dishes but the microwaves excite the water molecules present in them: from here the food is heated which, however, leads to a sort of boiling. To try to compensate for this, most are equipped with grills to use in combination, but the final flavor is not the same.

However Xiaomi Mi is conquering us with its smart kitchen devices, even with the kettle, programmable and with the water temperature control function via app.

Today it seems almost normal to also have smart refrigerators, able to perceive the conservation status of the foods contained and to help us shop, even if the first very expensive model was launched by LG in the distant 2000.

And as the miniaturization of electronic devices in information technology and telephony proceeds, portable appliances such as induction plates, but also coffee machines are becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen. We can say that current life is less and less anchored to a single physical space, preferring practicality, versatility and optimization of uses with remote control.

All that remains is to connect to the Internet and transform your cooking experience into a happy social moment with CookTogether.

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