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There will definitely be a FIFA series by 2022

There will definitely be a FIFA series by 2022



EA Sports and FIFA have extended their contracts so the current episodes of the series are sure to be completed over the next nine years. This year’s part is reportedly coming to stores not in September but in October.

EA Sports has announced that they have managed to agree on everything with FIFA representatives, so the contract between the organizations has been extended until 2022. This means that there will be no legal impediment to current episodes of the popular football game in the coming years, and the World Championships ’own games can continue to be completed and the FIFA Interactive World Cup can continue.
“EA Sports made its first FIFA licensed video game in 1993, and our collaboration is strong after twenty years. Our series has become a benchmark for quality and innovation in sports games, and we want to introduce more consumers to the FIFA brand in the coming years.” said Andrew Wilson, head of EA Sports.
The latest episode of the series, FIFA 14 also seeks to further hone in the gameplay developed by the previous sections. However, according to news received in recent days, contrary to the usual practice in previous years, the new part may not be on store shelves in September but on October 4th.