Adaptive control of Microsoft, the one that was developed for people with disabilities or limited mobility, arrived this year. And it was the result of much praise from the community, because of its quality and good functioning. It can be “assembled” to suit different cases of different needs.

It allows, for example, for third-party accessories to be connected, thus serving as controls for the Xbox one. Adaptive control is designed not to be exclusive to the platforms of the Microsoft, but other manufacturers first need to do their bit and adapt it to work in their respective environments.

But, as one of the rules of the current world of video games says: if a company doesn’t do it, the community finds a way and makes it happen. So, a youtuber, who answers on the Internet for MyMateVince touched the device, and managed to find a way to make the device work on the Nintendo Switch.

With an adapter, and software solution, MyMateVince showed the control working on the console of the Nintendo. He used the wireless control adapter Mayflash Magic-NS. That allows the Switch communicate with the adaptive controller. From there, some different calibration processes for different peripherals, such as control remapping, using the Microsoft, if necessary.

It is possible to bring accessibility to other consoles

All accessories will need to be calibrated, in the settings of the Switch. And apparently the console’s motion controls don’t work, which would hinder, for example, gaming in Let’s Go Pokémon. YouTuber posted a video, teaching their process, just take a look:

The method is not entirely perfect, and there is still much room for improvement. But the initiative is entirely viable. And it shows an interesting solution to take the Nintendo Switch even closer to accessibility. And it shows that, with a little work, Sony and Nintendo, in possession of these technologies, will be able to take even greater advantage of the Adaptive Controller. Thus, bringing accessibility to your games.


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