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This application imitates an IOS function and improves the privacy of your Android


This application imitates an IOS function and improves the privacy of your Android

Android is the most used operating system in the world and this even makes it weak to certain attacks. It is an operating system for which malware is created daily and which, on many occasions, manages to infect thousands of devices. Today we are going to leave you with a useful tool that everyone should have installed in their android mobile to improve your privacy. There is little that Google itself is already working on, but now you can have it with a simple application. It is one of the lucky functions of IOS 14 which is already on most iPhones around the world.

This application shows you the use of the microphone, the camera or the GPS

The application that we recommend you download is attack points. It is an extremely simple application that detects when another application accesses components directly related to privacy: microphone, camera and GPS. Did you know that a fraudulent application can consent to the camera of your mobile without you knowing it?

Download Access Dots | google play

It is possible that on your Android device there is an application that uses the microphone or the camera without your knowledge. It could be making audio or video recordings without your knowledge, since the operating system does not warn you that an application is using a certain component in the background. With attack points this problem is solved.

Just install Access Points from Google Play, launch it and give it attack permissions. This will be enough for a nice colored dot to appear at the top of your device every time an app accesses the microphone or camera.

The application can be configured so that these points are displayed with different size, color and even so that they show GPS usage. The interface is extremely simple and it is a very secure application.

Why is it important to have Access Dots?

I have this configured app on your android device gives you the possibility to learn if certain applications fraudulently access the camera, microphone or GPS. It is especially interesting when you normally download many APKs outside of Google PlayThese are the ones most likely to become infected.

Thanks to attack points You will be able to detect an inappropriate use of the components most compromised with the privacy of an awardee. There’s little that Google is already working on to implement in a future version of Android, but there’s no need to wait anymore if you install this app.