For a few days we already have in our hands the long-awaited God of Warone of the great exclusives not only of this 2018, but of the entire generation, and it is certain that there are sonyers who believe that until Kratos arrives on PS4, the console is not completely complete.

While we continue to work hard to get the analysis out and that you can all know our assessment, we have taken a gap to take some photos of the press kit that we have received from PlayStation Spain, so you can see the care that Santa Monica Studio has put into an edition that has great detail.

This is what is in the press-kit

This edition is exclusive to the press and is not for sale (unless some heartless colleague in the middle uses second-hand buying and selling), and as you can see in the photos, in addition to the game, it includes a series of most curious items.

On one side we have a hardcover cardboard box with motifs from the game, wrapped in paper with silhouettes in which we can guess Kratos and Atreus, with a white that reminds us of a blizzard in the middle of the snow.

In addition, inside the box we find a coin, a patch, a bookmark, an amazing art book with illustrations from the game, a message from the studio and of course a copy of God of War on a cardboard with José’s original illustration. Peña, who in case you didn’t know, was one of the creators who devised the setting of the game as it is known, and as we tell you in this article of curiosities.

The box opens like a chest and leaves Kratos on the left and Atreus on the right, two great companies for an epic adventure that we can all experience from April 20 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

By the way, the pixelated Kratos lamp was not included, it was a gift from Sony from the presentation itself that took place in March, and whose chronicle you can see here.


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