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This is the spectacular Redmi K40 Gaming Edition with a unique design


This is the spectacular Redmi K40 Gaming Edition with a unique design

It seems that the Redmi K40 series had more aces up its sleeve for 2021. The networks are already talking about the next device in the series, a very interesting terminal that has been leaked as the Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming Roll. It has several notable differences from the blatant Redmi K40 and has a specific design that you are likely to like. It is a nuance inscription terminal that aims to surprise in design, performance and price. If you are looking for a nuance inscription this device interests you.

The Redmi K40 Gaming Edition debuts design

Xiaomi has taken the cushion from the Redmi K40 Pro and has created a new device focused on games. Thanks to the leaked images we can learn several secret aspects of its design. The first is that it will arrive with a more aggressive pattern in the rear. This is not very characteristic of mobile gaming and could not be avoided in this one.

Little that is also seen a lot in this market niche are the leds. In this case, they will be integrated into the camera module, which is not very bizarre and has already been hackneyed. These LEDs would light up when the distraction mode is on. Of course, they can also be configured for notifications or specific notifications.

The official name of Redmi Gaming Phone is Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Edition.
The rear panel of this phone is excellent 🔥🔥
🎀 Emanation on April 27 at 7:30 p.m. in China. 🎀
Teaser video presentation 📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️#Xiaomi #Redmi #RedmiK40GameEnhancedEdition pic.twitter.com/jrXM4aivpo

— Sam (@RahulP2021) April 20, 2021

Another interesting detail of Redmi K40 gaming roll They are your triggers. These are physical and will be located on one of the sides. Best of all, these triggers feature a change which activates or deactivates them by making them leave the glued scope. It is a very interesting decision to offer physical and not haptic triggers.

Redmi K40 Gaming Edition, more powerful than Redmi K40 Pro?

The Redmi K40 Pro was presented a few weeks ago with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. The new mannequin will not include this processor, but one of MediaTek. Specifically, it will include the MediaTek Dimension 1200, the most powerful chip created by the company so far. on paper it is a little fasterAlthough this shouldn’t worry you too much.

The differences in daily use are not noticeable between the Snapdragon 888 and the Dimension 1200. You simply have to support that it includes one of the most powerful processors on the blatant market and probably one of the best lists of nuanced inscription features.

All this is postponement at a price worth Redmi and Xiaomi. We still don’t know how much Redmi K40 gaming rollso we must wait until the day April 27 to know all its details. It will be presented first in China and then, almost certainly, it will be the turn of Westeros.