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This Samsung mobile runs out of Android updates forever


This Samsung mobile runs out of Android updates forever

About 4 years ago, Samsung released one of the best phones in its catalog and still a trend-setting device. Today we can announce that the terminal is left without support, without android updates and without security patches or minor updates. we talked about Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, two terminals that many users will remember as a before and after in the industry. They were two of the first phones to go for the reduced bezels and elongated screens that are so popular now. Samsung has just announced the end of its support.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 you will not receive any more updates

It cannot be stated that Galaxy S8 they have been receiving OTAs constantly for the past few months. The updates of both terminals were scheduled from time to time and the last one for April 2021. At this time the Galaxy S8 and S8+ received the April 2021 Android security patch and are released to the market without further updates.

If you have one of these two devices, they may still work perfectly. that are left without more updates It is not a reason to leave them band or think that you should change your mobile. You just have to keep in mind that if you have a bug or problem in the software, you will probably stick with it.

In turn, the security patches will not even arrive, so your terminal could have certain vulnerabilities in the future, which will not be solved. Still, you shouldn’t have any major issues using it until you decide to switch mobile devices, probably in the near future.

The Galaxy S8 “Closes” his stage in the android updates with millions of users happy to happen had one of the most interesting phones on the market at that time.