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  5. This Sony Xperia Pro is $2,500 and has a Snapdragon 865

This Sony Xperia Pro is $2,500 and has a Snapdragon 865

This Sony Xperia Pro is $2,500 and has a Snapdragon 865

The title of the article is not bad: Sony has just exhaled the sony xperia pro in the US priced at $2,500. It’s not a flip phone, nor is it an incredible engineering stint to argue this price at first glance. He would pimp out a ‘inscription series’ smartphone with a slightly quirky design and a couple of niche features that we can’t find on other devices Android. The first brief that we can make clear is that this mobile is ridiculous for its stop price.

Sony Xperia Pro, a registration series from last year for $ 2,500

East XperiaPro It was announced some time ago and has now been dumped in the US as one of the few countries where it will be habitable. Sony will not sell this device in Europe and probably not even in other western markets. His transfer seems to be destined for the United States and Japan.

What is specific about this device? It has some things that make it a peculiar mobile, but it is still a Sony Xperia 1 II slightly vitaminized. It has a more robust design and a port HDMI-D to be able to connect it to Sony cameras. Yes, the main feature is that this mobile can become an educator for your Sony camera.

The secret of this function is speed offered by the HDMI D port, with which you can stream high resolution video with a miniscule delay. It’s a nice feature for users who use their camera professionally, but it’s highly unlikely that any of these users would be willing to give back. $2,500 for little like that.

The rest of the device is almost identical to what the Xperia 1 II offers. Yes, even your processor and your interpretation of Android. Can you imagine that a manufacturer goaded a $2,500 mobile in 2021 with a Snapdragon 865 and Android 10? It’s just what Sony has done with this XperiaPro.

But best of all, the device It doesn’t even include the HDMI cable. to connect it to the camera. You need to buy it separately. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one to whom this phone seems paranoid. Not only is it expensive, it doesn’t even offer a hardware according to its moment of extension.

A professional photographer can buy a Samsung Galaxy S21 Extremist 512GB and a resolution enrollment educator for your camera and you’d still have cash to spare. We don’t know why Sony has decided to deliver this. Xperia Pro for $2,500since it is a price well above its true valence.