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This Virus can steal your bank details from BBVA, La Caixa, Bankia…

This Virus can steal your bank details from BBVA, La Caixa, Bankia…

A new message has revealed several clone apps who pretend to be others and who can steal your bank details. Developers mimic the icons, descriptions, and names of popular apps by infecting them with a dangerous virus or malware. It may owe thousands of affected users around the world as the apps were published on Google Play and could be downloaded by anyone. The virus affects most Spanish banks What BBVA, Bankia, LiberBank or CaixaBank.

This is how the Android virus that steals your bank details works

Android viruses have various goals depending on the fellow who programs them. Today’s protagonist candela TeaBot and is probably one of the more dangerous for months. This malware aims steal your bank details and use them to puncture your accounts with charges or transfers that you have not issued.

The system they have used to tolerate these robberies is design fake copies of popular apps and upload them to Google Play with the virus inside. These applications have the same logo, the same name and can be very difficult for inexperienced users to differentiate.

The downloaded application does not work in the same way as the flashy one, because after installation it is able to infect the device to analyze and visualize everything you do. If you open the app on your side and enter the credentials may end up on a foreign server and be used to access your account.

Several applications are known that were published on Google Play and they have already been removed. No one can determine that there are no more with this same objective or that they have been deleted from the mobiles that installed them. Take a look at the image below and check that you do not have any of these applications installed on your mobile.

The TeaBot virus affects several of most important banks in Spain. The following are names of banks that are named in the study, but you may owe more to this vulnerability. These are the applications of the affected banks:

As you can see, there is also banks of mexico and other countries, although the most affected are in Spain. If you have any of the applications in the directory installed on your mobile, you must make sure that it is the striking one, otherwise it could be steal your bank details for future use.