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This War of Mine Mobile Review

This War of Mine Mobile Review

What we analyze in this review is not the PC version that we already had the opportunity to review a few months ago; the one we will talk about is the version distributed a few days ago on Android and iOS tablets.


As anyone who has had the opportunity to play the PC version knows, this is an extremely simple and light title from a technical point of view. To make you understand its degree of technical simplicity, it could very well be compared to a 2D arcade if it were not for the much more complex game mechanics and the fact that it is not an arcade at all.

All video games that on PC require the use of only the mouse then turn out to be excellent ports on Android and iOS. The interface, as well as the control system of This War of Mine, does not vary except for some minorities. In fact, the “mobile” version of this video game does not vary in any respect from the main one, which makes This War of Mine for Android and iOS a real triple A mobile title..

The only compromise is under the graphical profile, which from what we have had the opportunity to try using a low-end Android tablet, is slightly less detailed, but nothing that makes you scream scandal. It is not said that this is not an “automatic adaptation” due to the poor performance of the tablet we used. According to the screenshots circulating on the net (taken from Android tablets with better performances and probably also from the iPad version) it seems that the graphic rendering is not all that different from the PC one.


This War of Mine for Android and iOS is practically the same game as the PC version, and if you want to deepen it in detail, we refer you to our previous review.

In summary, we will be in charge of managing a shelter and its survivors, the setting as well as the characters are generated randomly from game to game. The aim is to survive as long as possible and, in fact, the death of the characters does not lead to the game over, but only to a change in the narrative vein.


The aim of the game is to make gamers aware of what war really is. The title does not focus at all on soldiers who are always ready to put a bullet in the head of the enemy, This War of Mine highlights the human and moral side of civilians who find themselves involved in the war.

As it is now clear, This War of Mine is focused on the narrative component and tries to put a strain on the player’s nerves forcing him to make choices several times, which always lead to a consequence that may be irrelevant, but which could lead to the death of one or more characters.