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This Xiaomi mobile costs $1,999, why does it cost so much?

This Xiaomi mobile costs $1,999, why does it cost so much?

Xiaomi has always been characterized by offering quality smartphones at a ridiculous price. To this day we can continue to see this organization in the Middle range and part of the entry gradation of its catalogue. Today we are not talking about quality / price ratio or cheap Xiaomi phones, quite the opposite. We already know what the price will be. The most expensive Xiaomi mobile in history, the Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold. The price for Europe has been leaked revealing a higher figure than its main competitors in the folding market.

Would you buy a Xiaomi mobile for 1,999 euros / dollars?

The XiaomiUI account on Twitter has revealed the price of the Fold Xiaomi Mi MIX for the European market. If you are right, this Xiaomi terminal will be sold for €1,999 in Europewhich is equivalent to almost 2500 dollars to change. It would establish itself as the most expensive Xiaomi mobile in its catalog. But not only that, it would also be one of the most expensive folding.

At the time of writing these words we have searched Amazon and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G can be purchased for 1,140 euros ($1,383) in its interpretation with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. Trade the option Samsung It would be almost 900 euros / dollar more than occasion.

Of course, you should keep in mind that the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold will arrive in Europe in his interpretation of 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. It’s a little more innovative at this point, though most users won’t mind fighting between 12 or 16GB when the price difference is so tycoon.

Will the Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold be successful in Europe?

At the moment we don’t know when will officially arrive and if the price is positive or it is an incorrect leak. This figure is more entrance to the perspective in other Asian countries due to taxes and tariffs, which makes this Mi MIX Fold a little less attractive.

Despite being the most expensive xiaomi It does not offer a trade-in alternative in its niche, as many of the current folding ones are below its price. Its old competitor is the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G and you can find almost 900 euros / dollars more on Amazon.

We do not believe that Xiaomi will reach the European continent with too many units of this terminal, since its sales could be marginal in this area of ​​the world. East emanation in Europe It seems more like a warning of what the company can do to, in the future, lower the price of the technology and be able to offer a much more financial folding.