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Tip: Set up the APN if your smartphone cannot find mobile internet


Tip: Set up the APN if your smartphone cannot find mobile internet

Last week, in our tip article, we showed how easy a factory reset is and how you can back up your data. After restarting your smartphone, everything should work as usual. But what if you suddenly find yourself without mobile internet? That’s what happened to me after my factory reset! Usually, the mobile internet access points are reinstalled directly from the smartphone, but the Nexus device found this unnecessary. That’s why today we’re going to show you how to set up the access points manually.

Mobile data usage

As a rule, it is like this: You buy a new smartphone, insert your SIM card and you can usually start right away. If the mobile Internet does not work (for surfing, phone and SMS also work without mobile Internet), you first have the opportunity to check whether this is also activated.

To do this, click in the settings of your smartphone on data usage, or via the quick settings on the button of your mobile network provider. The mobile data usage is displayed here. This can be activated or deactivated via the cellular data controller. If mobile data usage is not activated, surfing in the mobile network cannot work either. So flip the controller and then surfing should work. But what if it still doesn’t work? Then you go one step further and look at the APNs on your smartphone.

What is an APN anyway?

APN is the abbreviation for Access Point Name and describes the access point of your smartphone to the mobile Internet. No matter which device you want to use to surf the mobile network: The access points should be preset.

Where can I find the access point on my smartphone?

To do this, call up the settings of your smartphone again and click on the “More” button in the Wireless & Networks area. There you click on the button “Cellular Networks”. Here you will find the category “Access Points (APNs)”. After you have inserted a new SIM or re-installed the smartphone, it is possible that the access points of the old provider are still stored, or that no access points have yet been specified. Furthermore, access points can also be stored for which the data is no longer correct.

How do I enter a new access point or edit an old one?

To enter a new access point, click on the plus button at the top of the screen. Edit access point appears. To edit an old access point, simply click on it. With both procedures, a list opens with all the required information: Name, APN, proxy, port, user name, password, server, MMSC, MMS proxy, MMS port, MCC, MNC, authentication type, APN type, APN protocol, APN roaming protocol, enable / disable APN, carrier, MVNO type, MVNO value. You can find all the information you need on the service pages of your provider (don’t worry, you don’t have to fill in everything).

In Germany, the four most popular network providers are D1 Telekom, Vodafone, O2 / Telefonica and e-Plus / Base, whereby e-Plus has meanwhile been taken over by O2.

The access points (APN) are here at the Telecom without a contract always internet.t-mobile, with a contract internet.telekom Vodafone with and without a contract web.vodafone.de,
O2 / Telefonica always has the access point internet with a contract, without a contract always pinternet.interkom.de and e-Plus / Base always has internet.eplus.de as APN with and without a contract. The APNs of all contract providers are based on these four network provider APNs.

You can also enter your mobile phone number on the service pages. You will then receive several SMS from your provider with the correct information for your APN. You now enter this information in the list. Then click on the three dots in the upper right corner and there on the Save button. You now have to select the access point with a click of your finger and then restart your smartphone in order to apply the information. After that, your mobile internet should work again.

Here is a short list of the most common providers:

providers APN User name password
T-Mobile MagentaMobil internet.telecom tmobile tm
T-Mobile Xtra prepaid internet.t-mobile tmobile tm
congstar internet.t-mobile tmobile tm
clear mobile (0151) internet.t-d1.de empty empty
Vodafone contract tariffs web.vodafone.de not necessary not necessary
callya event.vodafone.de empty empty
1 & 1 D network web.vodafone.de empty empty
clear mobile (0152) web.vodafone.de empty empty
Lidl Connect web.vodafone.de empty empty
Base prepaid internet.eplus.de not necessary not necessary
1 & 1 E network internet.eplus.de empty empty
blue internet.eplus.de blue blue
O2 Blue (smartphone) Internet not necessary not necessary
O2 prepaid pinternet.interkom.de not necessary not necessary
phonic pinternet.interkom.de not necessary not necessary
clear mobile (0176) internet.mobilcom not necessary not necessary
Smartmobil Internet Leave empty Leave empty
Sim.de Internet Leave empty Leave empty
Tchibo prepaid webmobil1 Leave empty Leave empty
Tchibo contract surfmobil2 Leave empty Leave empty

What if the mobile internet does not work despite correct information?

If this happens, you should consider that your provider has renewed, repaired, or removed a radio mast in your area and just didn’t let you know. That was actually the case for me ?


Setting up the access points for the mobile internet is a breeze. If you have any further problems, call your mobile operator and get on their nerves. You can also make calls without mobile internet.