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Tips to use Instagram Reels on Android and iPhone like a pro

Tips to use Instagram Reels on Android and iPhone like a pro

Designed to take on TikTok, Instagram Reels seems poised to carve out a niche for itself as a platform for sharing short videos. What gives it a superiority over many other rivals is the seamless integration with Instagram. Not only does this integration give Reels massive exposure right out of the box, but it also allows you to fully utilize all of the eye-catching filters and poses that Instagram already comes with. If you’ve set your sights on this new TikTok rival, now is the perfect time to use Instagram Reels on your iPhone or Android device.

How to use Instagram Reels on Android and iOS

Instagram Reels came at a time when its longtime rival, TikTok, has just been banned in India and is facing impending banning in several countries, including the United States. So it’s clear that the Facebook-owned platform wants to use the opportunity to satisfy the vain and also present itself as a better substitute for those looking for a video-sharing platform where they can unleash the fun. and lip sync clips.

Reels is currently only supported in certain countries, including Brazil, France, Germany and India. Polyhedron the massive box, Instagram could soon launch it in various countries. So, in case the new video sharing feature has not yet been rolled out in your country, you should not lose heart. Now that you’re familiar with what Reels has to offer, let’s get started!

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Instill Instagram Reels Videos

1. Start Instagram on your device, and then press the camera icon in the top left corner. On the future screen, press the To start option.

2. You should then see three options at the bottom: Live, History, and Reels. go ahead coils.

3. Now go ahead and do your best to create an awesome Instagram reel. Make sure the total length of your video clip is 15 seconds. When you’re ready, press the wide white circle icon to start chiselling the clip. Once you are done, press the same to stop printing.

Add stylish music to your Instagram reels

To make your clip more likely to grab attention, you can also add appropriate music to it. To do this, press the music icon On the left. Then find the music you want to append. There are two tabs called for you and navigate. While the For You section automatically organizes songs to suit your tastes, the Browse section offers a variety of songs from different genres.

Interestingly, you can show the sign on the screen and choose any part of the song. Save it for those times when you want to make some funny lip sync videos.

Adjust Instagram Reels Video Printing Speed

There is still a way to adjust the video printing speed. To do this, use the right arrow icon which resembles the offspring of reproduction. Right now, Reels lets you chisel slow-motion videos up to.3x and .5x. You can still speed up the clip by choosing 2x and 3x. By default, 1x is selected.

Add a fascinating filter to Instagram Reels

Before you start chiseling, you can nominate among many cool possessions to make the clip mesmerizing. Just press the smiling shoot And swipe right on the wide white circle to reach everyone available possessions. Then choose the one that best suits the theme.

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Set a timer for Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels also allows you to set a timer so you can be fully prepared for the shot. To set a timer, press the timer icon on the left, then set the length of your clip (0.1 to 15 seconds). When you’re done, touch Set the timer. When you start to chisel the clip, the timer will appear on the screen.

Align your Instagram Reels

If your video looks a bit garbled, you can line it up perfectly. To do this, simply press the To line up I renew.

Play your Instagram Reels

Once you’ve saved your Instagram reel, tap the arrow pointing back at the bottom to play the video.

Take care of your Instagram reels

If you want to abide by your Instagram reel on your device, tap the arrow pointing forward basically. Then press the Economize at the top to chisel out your clip.

Beautify your Instagram Reels by adding text, emoji, and an awesome sticker

If you want your Instagram reel to stand out, you can attach eye-catching text, emoji, and stickers. After chiselling the clip, press the arrow pointing forward basically. Next, tap the emoji icon at the top to nominate from a variety of stickers and emojis.

If you want to doodle, tap on the doodle sapling at the top and then use your creativity to append little unique. To append text, tap the text header at the top right of the screen, then add the appropriate text.

Share your Instagram Reels

After editing your Instagram Reel, you can share it with your friends and followers. To do this, press the arrow pointing forward basically. Then add an interesting title and choose how you want to share your reel with others. For example, you can choose to share your clip for news or stories. At the end, press the renewal of sharing and soon!


Protect your Instagram reels and different audio

When you share your Instagram Reels, anyone can see and share them. You Reels can appear in Explore and in places like possessions, hashtags, and even audio pages. This is how a clip becomes virulent and racks up millions of views. And if that happens, you could become a perplexed fairy in the morning.

It’s worth noting that anyone on Instagram can create a reel with their different audio if their account is public (which is the default). In case you prefer to have privacy and want to protect your coils, you can enable the private account to authorize only your approved subscribers to view and share your reels. Whenever someone is sharing your reel, only your subscribers will be able to see it. On top of that, no one will be able to create a reel with your different audio.

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To do so, go to profile tab -> menu refresh that looks like three horizontal lines -> Settings -> Privacy -> Account Privacy. Now turn the switch to private account.

Check who liked and commented on your reels.

You can save the likes and comments made to your Reels from the Reels tab of your profile. Go to your Instagram profile -> Reels tab. Now tap on the reel to check:

What are Instagram Highlight Reels?

As part of the effort to motivate creators to create top-notch videos, Instagram will also feature Featured Reels. Social media app choose reels based on various things like stock, style, and most importantly how entertaining they are.

Please note that only reels from public accounts will be featured. If your reel is selected, you will receive a notification from Instagram.

How to remove your reels from Instagram

If you no longer want to keep any reels, you can easily remove them directly from your profile. To do it, Launch Instagram on your device and go to the profile. Then press the coils icon. Successive, choose the coil you want to remove.

On your iPhone, tap on the three horizontal dots. On your Android device, tap on the three vertically placed dots at the bottom. future go ahead Brush. You will need to press Delete again to confirm the kill.

Note that you will also have the option to save the reel to a filmstrip, copy the reel link, and even share it with others in the same menu.

Use Instagram Reels on your iOS and Android device

So here are the best tips and tricks with which you can get the most out of Instagram Reels. Even though Instagram’s proposition has just hit the market, it seems perfectly equipped to satisfy the gap and also offer little excitement for creators and users alike. We compared Instagram Reels to TikTok, so read this article if you make the switch. What do you think about this short video sharing feature? Share your opinion in the comments below.