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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE – game review

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE – game review

The Japanese know very well how to combine two seemingly dissimilar things and create something that can delight even the greatest malcontents. So how did they go about creating a potion consisting of the Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem series? Let’s check!

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is in fact a standard representative of the jRPG genre, in which the gameplay has been divided into two parts – social and battle. Similarly to Persona, which comes from the SMT series, from time to time we have to wander around the city (here in real Tokyo), then move on to another dimension (here Idolasphere) and fight for the welfare of mankind with aliens.

In Atlus, the plot revolves around two intertwining axes. One of them is the process of creating stars of the music scene, the other is the fight against the so-called Mirages – to save the world from them. Initially, the story begins with the fact that years ago, the sister of one of our main characters disappeared from the concert and her practically all viewers, except for one little person – Tsubasa. After some time, we return to action as Itsuki and we go with the mature survivor to the concert of her idol. Our adventure begins there, in which we get to Idolasphere and we face evil.

There we also get to know our destiny and meet our friends Mirages. Who they are? These are the protagonists known from the Fire Emblem series! Itsuki (we) connects with Chrom, Tsubasa (friend) connects with Caeda, and our friend Touma has Cain as his guardian. In the world Tokyo Mirage Sessions they don’t remember where they came from, who they are, or why they ended up in another dimension. They are characterized by the fact that they pair up with their charges – then our main characters turn into real warriors, and their partners turn into weapons.

The combat system is based on the well-known turn-based system with a little innovation – because TMS introduces the title Sessions. These are skill strings that trigger when we attack an enemy with a skill they are more susceptible to than others. Then, if our companies have the appropriate “session skills”, they start a beautiful and murderous chain of attacks, which can be 1, 2 or even 7 steps. So if we’re lucky, we can smash a lot of enemies with just a few EP.

Also known from the cycle is important here Fire Emblem system of weakness and resistance against various types of weapons and magic. We have at our disposal, inter alia, swords, bows, spears, electricity, fire, ice, the power of “zio”, and poison. According to the equipment we wear, we are susceptible to different attacks and not others, which is very important in combat as our enemies can also do Sessions!

After each fight, we traditionally get experience points for ourselves, but also for weapons. Each of them, after reaching a new level, gives our character a new skill – regular, passive or session. Additionally, if the newly added skill repeats with what we have, it strengthens it. For example: We have Zio, when we get another Zio, we have Uncle + 1. Once we have achieved the mastery of a given weapon, we must go to our maternal corporation and meet with Tikithat will do something called for us Carnage Unity. It is a kind of merger Mirage with the souls of defeated enemies. Then we get new equipment with better statistics and other properties.

The second type of fusion is Radiant Unity giving a new feature of our character. They are made by combining several captured enemies Perform (that is, as if souls). For this type of improvement, we get, for example, priority in attack, a greater chance for a Session, or more magic points. After all, there are many ways to upgrade our team. And when we already have more than three people in our squad, we can maneuver them freely, even in battle.

Themselves dungeons they are multi-level and very finely designed. But in order not to spoil your fun, I will not reveal too much about it. It is important that when passing a given “dungeon” we can find teleports in it that transport us between different checkpoints. The locations are quite large and their design is impressive. The designers had a different idea for each one, so, for example, at the beginning you will solve a mini puzzle with the arrangement of the sleeves of the big dresses they make for the stairs. Very interesting and fun.

Additionally, on the map we will meet two types of enemy avatars – hooded figures in red and black. The former are standard and relatively harmless, but their darker brothers are evil incarnate and if you can deal with one of them, if you run into him for the second time in a row, you are taken care of. Itsuki has the ability to make an attack while exploring and chase away the bane. Guess which one it doesn’t work for.

The bestiary is really huge and includes several dozen well-constructed monsters. There are great trolls, strange mutants, phantoms, ghosts and even a huge camera. And these are just a few of the unusual mascaras. The creators were also tempted here with tiny easter eggs in their form. For example, a little sprite’s name is Casparand a black-haired ghost Samantha.

The scheme of how each chapter of the story works is quite simple. Usually we have a new song at the beginning, a little social life, and then a dungeon with two bosses.

A much more distinctive part Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE there are the backstage of strictly adolescent life – because apart from saving the world, you also have to have time for yourself, right? So our team of heroes spends their private lives mostly on science. More specifically, exploring the topic of being a star.

And how to become it, we will learn under the wings of the Fortuna Entertainment corporation, which is led by one Mrs. Maiko. It was she who hired our team to fight evil, and she will also make us new idols. Training goes first Itsuki and Tsubasa. We, as the main character, give up training at the beginning, but our friend does not give up. So sometimes we accompany her to Barry’s music lessons (a typical big kid who interrupts the lesson because anime figures will buy him – a colorful and pleasant character), we go to her concerts and support her when it’s hard.

The player can sometimes choose a dialogue option, but it does not contribute to the conversation, because the whole thing will go in a predetermined direction. Example? Someone was a slack for us and we can answer his question: “Which does not change the fact that you are a slack” or “I appreciate your work.” The final result? You’re a s**t, but you have good music. It could be a bit better in this respect.

If we are already participating in such a large venture as show business and we are forced to do so a bit, then we must have a good reason to do so. Well, the better artists we are, the better Mirage Master we become, which makes us better in combat. This is represented by Stage Rank, of which there are as many as 20. And after reaching the appropriate level of this statistic, side missions such as “Itsuki help me with the performance, Itsuki help me train ”and the like.

The cool thing about all of this is that it changes over time. In the first chapter we only have posters of Kiria (Tsubasa is very fond of her), in the second chapter (after her debut Tsubasy) there are new ones with her image, and articles reviewing her performances are published in the newspaper. You can see that the world is alive and you feel you are participating in something quite realistic.

In addition, we have the opportunity to visit several districts here Tokyo. Such Shibuya offers us shops, restaurants, the famous crossroads, a food market and such attractions. Other locations are not as open-ended, but still interesting for those who know the subject. It is important in the game to get good equipment for our team and solidly prepare before each fight, because these can be really hard – especially with bosses. So we have three options at our disposal. The most basic of them is food – in order to do well in battle, we need to eat something that our comrades will like, thanks to which their “luck” (chances of hits and dodges) will increase.

The second is the market Hee-HooIn which we will buy the right items from one of the two sellers (each has a different assortment) – healing, resurrecting, attacking, etc. You will also find a nice lottery here. We get a coupon for each purchase, for which we can receive one of the many designated rewards. The last option is to shop with accessories such as rings and bracelets that give us properties and resistance. Equipped in this way, we can safely set off on an expedition to Idolasphere.

Music is very important here, and if so, there could also be professionally made anime clips for each of our idols’ hits. The animations are very nice, dynamic, rhythmic and they perfectly show what a given song is supposed to convey to us. Unfortunately, some of the tracks that are not the main ones, and flying during the tour of the dungeons are very bland and it’s hard to say if anything is playing in the background. And the battle theme could have a little more sparkle to it. Graphically by standards Wii U it’s quite passable – although it could be better sometimes. However, the game still weighs a lot, as much as 13 GB!

Bottom line if you like games jRPG, and the atmosphere straight from high school anime does not bother you at all, feel free to take this title. Maybe there are no Final Fantasy fancies here, and the consequences of the choices are not as big as in Fire Emblem, but still Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE it is still a very good and original production.