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‘Tokyo Xanadu eX +’ announced for PS4

‘Tokyo Xanadu eX +’ announced for PS4

Falcom has announced through the popular magazine Japanese Dengeki PlayStation, that the Sony PlayStation 4 platform will receive this September 8 a new exclusive delivery known as Tokyo Xanadu eX +, which will be released in that territory for about 6,480 yen.

The original Tokyo Xanadu installment was released in September 2015 in Japan. It is set in an imaginary city called Morimiya in Tokyo, and tells of the activities of a group of “qualified” high school students who use their “Soul Devices” to fight. against creatures known as “Greed” in “The Other World.”

The PlayStation 4 version of the game will run at 60 frames per second and in full HD. It will also include scenes “After the story” that will be located months after the events of the main game and secondary stories for each character (with the exception of Kou). Furthermore it is said that the volume of each story it will be equivalent to two chapters of the main story.

We will also find new playable characters, including White Shroud and many others. Shroud can explore the caverns on his own and uses a light attribute, a very strong strategy against the shadows and their inhabitants. It has very basic parameters and superior precision, plus flight and combat skills.