A few days ago theE3 2017 and we are all still thrilled by the long roundup of more or less high-sounding announcements that crowded the Los Angeles demonstration. Many have flocked to social media to praise some ads or criticize some choices. We at Gamempire have followed the various conferences and in the midst of so much hype and confirmations we could not help noticing that someone missed the appointment with this important trade fair. Here is what came out of the considerations of our editors Francesco Pagano, Federico Minieri and Andrea Riviera who have drawn up a ranking of the most anticipated titles (in vain) during this E3.

10 – Rare why do you want us badly?

There are indeed many exclusives that Microsoft has created over the years and on which Rare was often there to lend a hand with its inventiveness, but never like this E3 felt the need for something different besides the spectacular Sea of ​​Thieves. Where do I want to go? But it’s easy, I’m referring to Conker. The most foul-mouthed and vulgar squirrel in the gaming world should not have been missing on stage, but unfortunately he also missed this turn of the wheel.

If on the one hand we have the return of the very nice Crash Bandicoot on PlayStation 4 that managed to excite both adults and children in its time, I do not understand how Rare and Microsoft have missed the opportunity to pull out of the hat the only character really able to counter with his irreverence to the title of Naughty Dog.

9 – Nintendo 3DS – where are the games?

A console at the end of the cycle partially overshadowed by the success of the Switch: this is it Nintendo 3DS. Yet this portable platform deserved a little more space during E3 2017. It is true that during the Treehouse they were shown Metroid: Samus Returs and the return of Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga (with extra game Bowser’s Henchmen), but the rest?

Between Ever Oasis, Hey! Pikmin, Pokémon Ultra Sun and UltraLuna, Monster Hunter Stories and Kirby’s Blowout Blast of material to talk about in this 2017 there was. An inexplicable choice to leave the 3DS on the bench considering that, at least in the West, there is still a lot to wait and to publish. Why will more games be released, right? Why Nintendo 3DS after 2017 will still be supported, right?

8 – Shall we forget the dragons?

If the cancellation of Scalebound it was a bad blow for Xbox players, perhaps the solution to all this could be one. Who remembers Panzer Dragoon Orta? No, I don’t mean the version released on Smartphone, but the one on the first Xbox.

Imagine a change of genre for the title, abandoning the fighting on rails but adopting a verse RPG connotation. Panzer Dragoon Orta could actually become a valid solution to the problem, but I am still aware that a canceled game cannot be replaced in such a short time.

7 – Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch

This topic was inspired by my colleague Alessandro Palladino, who has repeatedly expressed a desire to see the series Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch. And in fact some console better than a hybrid suitable to play anywhere can host this brand that makes events, interaction between inhabitants and villages and small daily activities hit and run its business card?

Yet at E3 2017, where Tom Nook and associates could have been, perhaps Yoshi ended up, perhaps too much mixed up as a genre with the Kirby announcement. Not that you should want an Animal Crossing this year, but given the amount of games still in the embryonic stage, the announcement of a new town to populate and show friends that it followed the main trend of the saga (and was at a distance from Happy Home Designers and Amiibo Festival) would have been appreciated, how much less in development.

6 – Enough Skyrim?

Finally, I would like to spend a few lines on Skyrim so as to abandon the exclusive discourse. Now the last episode of The Elder Scrolls you can tell he’s going out for just about anything, and actually I can’t blame the multitude of memes that have appeared on the internet. Bethesda is effectively milking its latest effort to the last drop with its next gen re-release, the Switch version and finally the VR version.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to carry on a title like Skyrim, since I myself have spent countless hours on both console and PC playing it, but it would also be time to change direction, rightly excluded the Switch version. In short, bringing even just a verbal announcement about the production of a new The Elder Scrolls and its actual existence, would have benefited the Bethesda conference more than the new Wolfenstein: New Colossus.

5 – Lacime and revenge… and nothing The Last of Us 2

Let’s face it, who couldn’t wait to watch the first gameplay of The Last of US 2? We were all in the summer since the announcement at the Playstation Experience in 2016 and we almost took a small presence at E3 2017, instead Sony and Naughty Dog have preferred to give more space to the stand alone expansion of Uncharted The Lost Legacy. Therefore a justified choice, even if the project is still in the early stages of development and we will probably not be able to see it on the market before 2019, but let’s expect gameplay by the end of the year. However, the pity of not having been able to see him at E3 2017 remains; his appearance on stage would surely have driven the audience crazy.

4 – Bloodborne’s Blood and Madness 2

That From Software is developing a Sony exclusive IP is practically established. One of the most concrete hypotheses is certainly that of the presence of the following of Bloodborne, action / rpg masterpiece in souls like sauce released in 2014. Your announcement or that of a new IP From Software it would have been objectively of great impact, for a Sony conference certainly subdued compared to past editions. Its atmospheres, its boundless violence, level design and magnificent art design still make it one of the best video games of the current generation. The lack of the announcement can certainly be derived from a Microsoft conference below expectations that will have led Sony to reflect on the presentation at an upcoming conference.

3 – Monster Hunter on Nintendo Switch, why not?

Capcom at E3 2017 delighted us with Monster Hunter World, the new chapter in the saga of monster hunters presented in a trailer during the Sony conference. The title will be cross-platform and belongs to the main series of the game (it is not a spin-off therefore). The graphic restyling is evident and the new engine gives new life to the game, however Nintendo seems to have been excluded from the new Monster Hunter course (news not confirmed) despite the historic partnership with the Japanese company.

Added to this is the total absence both in Nintendo Spotlight and in Nintendo Treehouse of the Monster Hunter titles already announced for Japan and still expected in the West, among which the Switch version of Monster Hunter XX stands out. Did the monsters migrate to other shores? Time will tell.

2 – But where did Halo go?

It seems obvious as a start, but the lack of a Halo optimized for Xbox One X has made itself felt. Let’s understand, I’m not saying I want to see Halo 6 now, but we all know how the universe on which Microsoft’s legendary shooter rests can be exploited for several spin-off episodes.

We figured this out with Halo ODST and Wars that the Master Chief galaxy can offer a lot even without his direct presence. Precursors, Flood, Covenant and Ancient Humanity are just a few examples of the different protagonists and points of view that can be exploited in the universe of this great game. In short, a new Halo could really be the icing on the Xbox One X cake.

1 – Death Stranding and the mute Kojima

In recent months we have seen dear and beloved Hideo Kojima a bit silent and unwilling to be the center of attention, given the development problems behind Death Stranding. What the trailers (a little too cryptic) proposed had all the conditions for a great product. But, like the whales of the first teaser, the project seems to be stranded to the point of not being able to reach E3 2017 in an acceptable condition.

The biggest gap this year at the Los Angeles fair can therefore only be Death Stranding and above all absence itself is Kojima, and his strong web troll streak shown up until recently. Let’s hope this boat leaves port sooner or later, hoping it’s before E3 2018 and Hideo-san’s credibility won’t falter for this half misstep.


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