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Top 15 Minecraft Codes and Commands

Top 15 Minecraft Codes and Commands

Minecraft is already a collection full of cool collection modes and features, but having a little extra help in certain situations can be essential. Fortunately, the collection also has a good number of codes and commands that serve to help its players in different ways. This may simplify some mechanics or just fix a temporary issue. With that, it is very useful to have a record with some of these main Minecraft codes and commands, little that we put together with the details below.

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Minecraft commands: how to use them

Using Minecraft commands and codes is a very simple bit to do, but it’s worth the original explanation. You need to press the “/” key to bring up the dialog box at the bottom left of the screen, which is where you will enter all of the codes that we will introduce here.

1. Help with commands

Minecraft commands are simple, but whenever you want a little help with the collection or some unknown command, you can type /help or /help and press Enter. The collection will display all the information you have on the topic.

2. Teleportation

If you are playing with your friends and you got lost, you can use the /tp command to teleport directly to him.

3. Give an item

If you need to quickly give an item from your inventory to another gamer, you can use the further command: /give . This command is simpler when you only need to give your friend one item, but it still works for larger quantities.

4. kill

You can use the /kill command to kill your character or enter the name of another gamer on your server to kill their character.

5. Creative mode

To quickly switch from collection mode to creative and have more leeway in your buildings (in addition to not having to worry about monsters or wishing), you can use the creative /gamemode command.

6. Survival mode

If you want to change the collection mode to survival and bring more challenges and dangers, you just need to use the survival / gamemode command.

7. Adjust the time

If you wish, you can still adjust the time of day of the collection to whatever you prefer. Use the command /time set 0000 and replace the “0000” we used as an example with: 0 for morning, 6000 for noon, 12000 for sunset, and 18000 for shadow.

8. Blatant World Code

If you like the blatant world your character is in, you can use the /seed command to see their code. That way, you can annotate and use this code in the collection if you want to brighten up the world in question at a later time.

9. Stop time

If you want to time to a specific time, you can use the command copied /gamerule doDaylightCycle. To get everything back to normal, just type the gamerule doDaylightCycle true command.

10. Name

If you want to summon an object or creature to your world without difficulty, enter the code “/summon .

11. Cannon

If you use the “Cannon” code, a stick of dynamite will be sent directly to the location you’re pointing your mouse cursor at, but it can hit anything that’s nearby.

12. Atlantean mode

To satisfy your water world, just enter the code /atlantis. If it does, even the highest mountains will be covered in water.

13. Invulnerable

Imagine finding yourself in an area full of enemies and with no way to defend yourself. To get started, you can use one of the following Minecraft commands: /mobdamage. This will make you invulnerable to monster attacks.

14. Freeze enemies

Another good alternative is to simply freeze all nearby enemies with the /freeze code.

15. Duplicate Instruments

If you need to duplicate one of your utensils, you can use the /duplicate code while holding the item in question in your hand.

Did you like Minecraft commands?

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