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TouchPal the new keyboard for iOS 8 is shown in a video


TouchPal the new keyboard for iOS 8 is shown in a video

As we have seen previously, one of the innovations that will introduce the new iOS 8 on our Apple devices is the ability to use third party keyboards instead of the classic one we have used all these years. Waiting for iOS 8 to be distributed in its final version, the various development houses are working to bring their keyboards to iOS 8, among these there is also TouchPalwhich is shown in a first alpha version.

TouchPal is a well-known keyboard in the Android environment, and which is working to bring its innovative writing features also to Apple devices, thanks to the new iOS 8, arriving in September, which will open the firmware of the Californian company to keyboards of third parts.

To show how it works, TouchPal distributed a video in which the keyboard in operation is shown thanks to its first alpha version, which allows you to see the particular writing method that this application uses, let’s see the video in detail:

When TouchPal arrives on the App Store available it will be extremely simple to install third-party keyboards for use on the new iOS 8, just download the application, go to the path Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboards> Add New Keyboard> and you will find all the keyboards available on your device.

By selecting the keyboard, it will be loaded on your operating system and to recall it you will only have to enter one of the applications that use the keyboard and click on the icon in the shape of the world, here you can select the keyboard you want to use.