When we think we’ve seen it all in this world, South Korea manages to surprise us again: a popular mobile game there is raffling prizes for its players. The highlight is a set of lingerie for a **** actress!

It sounds like a joke, but it’s not: the game Sam Kook Ji Live — which is nothing more than a mobile version of the saga Romance of Three Kingdoms — is making a huge giveaway for his fans. Some awards are quite innocent, like gift cards from the Google Play Store and power banks to recharge cell phones.

Of course, none of this is getting as much attention as the underwear of Kirara Asuka, famous **** actress in the country, who, in addition to adult films, also makes cameos in low-budget films, and has also appeared in a game — she was one of the hostesses of Yakuza 2.

Check out a video below (in Korean, of course) that presents the news. There’s nothing explicit about it, but it could be kind of NSFW, depending on where you work:

The craziest of all this is that Sam Kook Ji Live it’s a game with age rating from 12 years old, meaning there are certainly thousands of kids and tweens playing it. The “grand prize”, however, is only for the big ones, as an online registration must be done, with confirmation of identification (and age) to avoid fraud.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, the contest has been making waves, but it is also a success: the Kotaku found that, until yesterday, they were more than 230 thousand registered users to participate in the raffle for the girl’s panties.

So, what do you think of this curious promotion? Would you like to win some **** star’s underwear, or did you find the contest in very bad taste?

PS for those who got excited curious, the registration site is this one. But it is very unlikely that they will ship the girl’s panties to Brazil… or not, who knows? My Korean is not up to date to understand the draw rules.


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