Look how crazy: a group of robbers stole a truck full of copies of splatoon it’s from Friends gives Nintendo! Understand this story better in the sequence!

Fans who bought the pre-order edition of splatoon in the traditional network GAME from the UK were disappointed by the news: their copies would come with a Amiibo Squid Inkling will no longer reach your hands! The reason? the truck carrying the games was robbed!

To compensate for the unlucky fans, the store said that those who pre-ordered it could purchase a regular copy at the store with a 10-pound discount.

already the Nintendo from Europe regretted what happened, but stated that he will work together with the store GAME so that the harmed consumers do not end up in the loss.

please note that Friends they end up becoming rare and having a high value. In this particular case, the character Squid Inkling would already have a high demand because it could be acquired just by pre-ordering this edition of splatoon. Now the values ​​will probably go up even more, making life difficult for those who want to have a complete collection of the small figures of the Nintendo.

Incidentally, if a large number of these Friends start appearing on sites like eBay, beware, he could be one of the stolen puppets!

splatoon is being released today May 29th, exclusively for Wii U.

As of this writing, those responsible for the robbery had not been found.


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