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TVnet: Internet without a phone subscription!


TVnet: Internet without a phone subscription!



TVnet is announcing a unique ADSL3G + promotion for its new and existing customers in Budapest: it offers an unlimited, economical internet service based on ADSL technology that does not require a landline telephone subscription. As part of its ADSL3G + promotion, which runs from today until the end of September, the company offers the basic retail package (1024 kbps) for only HUF 4,992 gross per month, while the basic business package (2,500 kbps) for a net net HUF 7,200 per month. With the ADSL3G + service, approx. You can save 40,000 forints if you have paid a monthly fee for maintaining your landline telephone line.
The ADSL3G promotion is open to those who have an active, fixed-line landline in the capital. With ADSL3G +, the customer cancels their previous landline phone subscription after installation, while with traditional ADSL, a landline phone is required. If someone has an ADSL subscription, the installation of ADSL3G + will start after the termination of their contract, followed by the launch of the service, which will take approx. It takes 15-20 business days. Even during the migration, the Internet service, with the IDs activated by TVnet, works without interruption and at the same speed as the customer’s previous service provider. If the customer does not have ADSL, the time to set up the service is longer, approx. 30 working days.