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TypeWise, the new alternative to the Google keyboard?

TypeWise, the new alternative to the Google keyboard?

You use the google keyboard on your Android mobile? Are you thinking of changing to try new things? Today we leave you with one of the rarer and more promising alternatives that exist on the market. It is a completely different keyboard for Android and with promises that deserve to be tested for a while. I know traffic TypeWise 3.0a great idea a while ago in beta translation and now you can download it completely to your Android device autonomous. We have already told you that this keyboard is very different and that you will need a little time to adapt to it.

TypeWise promises faster typing and fewer errors

The essence for a perfectly keyboard for android It is not its extra functions, what even, but the writing capacity that it has and the design to minimize the errors of the lucky one. TypeWise 3.0 has been created with a unique design in the form of diaper for minimize errors who are committed and even by write faster.

According to the company type 33% faster AND commit 4 times less errors than with a conventional keyboard. We do not doubt their promises, but the effectiveness is that at the beginning you will make more mistakes and you will write more cajolent: the location of the sabers changes almost completely and you will have to get used to it.

Download TypeWise 3.0 – Google Play

TypeWise does not have this format and design by whim, according to different studies this design allows larger keys and minimizes errors when pressing. It is also a more secure keyboard than usual, since it has a 100% off-chain mode and does not ask for suspicious permissions.

We have downloaded it to test it for a few minutes and already anticipate that the appearance is complicated. Of course, it is possible that after a few days of use your writing will be more fluid and you will make fewer mistakes.

Our recommendation is that you try TypeWise 3.0because it is a completely free keyboard, with free themes and with a new writing system that is a real novelty for the world of keyboards for android. Yes, its the best alternative to google keyboard time will tell.