Just yesterday we told you that Ubisoft had decided cover the ******* and genitals of the statues with shellsas well as modifying certain works of art by covering them in different ways in their recently released mode Discovery Tour for Assassin’s Creed Origins.

A measure of censorship has raised a lot of controversy in the community, and about which we at Sonyers echoed with an opinion article that did not exactly speak well of the measure.

Well, the French company has wanted to step in defending its measure with statements that advocate the educational sense of the mode and the protection of minors from this type of… art.

Ubisoft’s statements

From the beginning in the creation of the Discovery Tour, we envisioned it as a way to allow as many people as possible to enjoy and learn about Ancient Egypt. Which means that we wanted the Discovery Tour to be usable by children with their parents and by teenagers, whether at home or at school, in all countries.

It is a version suitable for all audiences, including the very young, while also taking cultural sensitivities into account. So we decided to use a version suitable for all types of audiences, including the very young, while also taking into account cultural sensitivities that can vary from country to country.

Discovery Tour mode

This addition, which has arrived along with other improvements such as Game +, offers a total of 75 guided tours lasting between 5 and 20 minutes that show us some aspects of life in Egypt at the time the game is represented .

In it we can discover the daily life of the Egypt of the Pharaohs, details such as its temples, its walls, the main emblems of cities like Alexandria, the motivations of Alexander the Great to build it, the relationship between Egypt and the Roman Empire…

It is a most interesting way, although unfortunately it has been seen tarnished by this censorship so improper of the thought of the free world in which, luckily, most of us live.


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