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UNLOVED Preview – DOOM goes the extra mile

UNLOVED Preview – DOOM goes the extra mile

Those of you who remember DOOM 2 will also remember the Unloved mod, awarded the best mod for the title, created by Paul Schneider. The developer BlueEagle Production headed by Paul himself decided to create a game of the same name: Unloved.

The title in question is a cooperative FPS up to 4 players in which you are brought into an arena, more or less small depending on the map, in which every action we do will turn into a wave of monsters ready to kill us.

At the time of writing the preview, the title is in the early access phase on Steam and does not present all the contents of the final version which should be available on September 29th.


Unloved has several options regarding the graphic sector, ranging from the quality of the shadows to the quality of the textures, passing through the FOV.
Unfortunately, all of these graphics options aren’t much use since the game is sparse in elements and the areas in which we will find ourselves playing are cramped and almost always lacking in detail noteworthy. Furthermore, the dark atmospheres of the various maps make any customization option useless, as the visual depth is equal to the light that the player’s torch is able to project.
The models of the enemies are the only part that is saved from the graphic sector of the title, which have very different characteristic traits, even if as regards their number there will be about eight / nine those present in total. The personalization of the character is also poor in content, especially in co-op games, it turns out to be a copy with a different colored shirt.


In games like this, where understanding where the enemy is coming from is a fundamental element, it is not possible that the player’s ear does not come from the sounds defined and directed in an optimal way. It happens very often in fact that gods sounds that apparently seem to come from far away, actually come from our shoulders.

As for the soundtrack instead, the latter can be considered remarkable, even if not comparable to the one that accompanies the recent DOOM, but that is due to issues of rights.

The customization of the sounds of the weapons is also poor which, at times, all seem the same with different rhythms, more serious and slower for shotguns and faster and sharper for machine guns. Unfortunately we do not know if the developers of BlueEagle Production will improve these elements in the final version, even if we very much hope so.


The plot of the game is almost absent, considering the fact that it is a game based heavily on the online component. The player is catapulted into an arena, at the time of writing there are four available, in which with a gun in hand he must face hordes of bloodthirsty monsters trying to discover as many places as possible to find weapons and weapon upgrades.


The strong part of Unloved is the gameplay in which the developers call in up to 4 players to help themselves in the slaughter of demonic monsters. Starting the title we will find ourselves in front of a screen in which we will have to choose the aspect of our virtual alter ego which, probably due to the non-final build, will have few aspects of customization.

Once we have chosen our aspect we can start the game by choosing between single player and multiplayer. In the first case we will be catapulted into the map in total solitude and we will have to face the ranks of demonic entities armed only with our gun, at least in the initial part of our “monster slayer” adventure. Fortunately, wandering around and exploring the map we will be able to find weapons and ammunition useful for slaughtering monsters.

In the case of the cooperative mode, we will find ourselves with 4 other players having to do what we did alone, with the possibility of being revived in case of being killed, not substantially modifying the mechanics that distinguish the title of the boys of BlueEagle Production .

The aim of the game basically boils down to having to kill as many monsters as possible in the shortest time, by finding keys for the map that will allow us to open chests useful for unlocking perks and upgrades to be activated before each game. In fact, if it is true that for the first matches we will start with a service pistol, going forward and finding this kind of virtual money, we will be able to start our games with maybe, a brace or a Uzi.


Unloved draws heavily on the trash / splatter culture of the early DOOM games and brings it back in 2016 with substantially similar mechanics but with the addition of multiplayer components. Obviously it is up to each of you to understand if the title can do for you, but if you are a lover of DOOM, especially that of the Carmack of the “golden” times, you can only love this title.