the comrades of QUByte Interactive have just achieved another cool achievement: the Brazilian studio is taking care of the HD port of summer for PCs and consoles, classic shoot ’em up released in japan just for arcades!

Originally released in 2001 by Visco Corporation, summer is a shoot ’em set in 1600 AD, when the governor of Japan died and the tyrant Yeyasu Tokugawa is planning to take control.

The three protagonists are fighting with all their strength to prevent Tokugawa can rise to power, but this battle will not be won so easily, as Tokugawa gathered a veritable army to help him.

summer had two games released exclusively for Japanese arcades, and in 2019 the QUByte will bring both games to the west, fully remastered. Check out the teaser-trailer of VASARA HD Collection:

The gameplay follows the addictive simplicity of the genre: we have a standard attack button, another one that fires more powerful bombs. Ships also have a melee attack, and when filling the meter summer, the player can unleash a devastating special attack.

THE VASARA HD Collection will feature 2 full remastered games, and should be released on early 2019 for PCs and consoles.

Since the subject is QUByte Interactive, enjoy and check out the chat we had with the producer Marivaldo Cabral, at the time of the release of 99Lives The Game for consoles.


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