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Very Mobile Offer at 4.99 Euros / month


Very Mobile Offer at 4.99 Euros / month

Do you want to activate a new cheap SIM or are you a customer of one of these operators?

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If the answer is yes, and if you are not satisfied with the service and cost of your current operator then you have the opportunity to join an excellent promotion, called CashBack Promo, to switch to the new Very Mobile virtual operator.

Very Mobile Offer

What is the very mobile offer about? Very simple, it offers a good package of minutes and gigabytes of internet included at a negligible monthly cost. So let’s see the features in detail in this mini dashboard:

30 Giga
Minutes and SMS unlimited
4, € 99 per month

And if you want a package bigger than gigs there is the option to have it 100 Giga at 7.99 euros per month.

It is possible to request the SIM online for free and you only have to pay 5 euros for activation. The SIM will be sent directly to your home after completing all the steps of the video identification. And for those who want there is also the eSIM version available!