Xiaomi in Poniente has a series of very interesting products that go beyond telephony or the most common accessories. This catalog is multiplied by a thousand when we take a look at Xiaomi Youpin, a product store that is only conditioned in China and that offers practically everything. If these products end up being successful, the company itself supports their mass production and drags them to market. Today we show you 4 Xiaomi products extremely rare that you will want to have as early as possible.

These Xiaomi products are the weirdest you’ve ever been through

In the shop of XiaomiYoupin there is literally everything: from energy drinks to cars. All strive to become successes within this store and be eligible for financial support from Xiaomi or direct operation of the brand. The ones that we are going to show you today are some of the most ingenious and rare that are currently being sold. Best of all, they all have their technological side.

The smallest fast charger you can buy

If you are tired of having to fight with an extremely long magazine, you are going to love it. We have found one of the smallest fast chargers out there. Typically, 30W or 40W chargers are fairly large and take up a lot of space; this one is small.

only cost 10 euros / dollars and has a power Actual 33W. It has security systems, is type C and includes cable. There are these types of chargers on Amazon, but they do not usually offer such fast charges.

smart thermos for beverages

Probably in the generosity of your life you have had a thermos to accommodate hot and cold drinks. East of Xiaomi It offers an intelligent charging system, mobile connection and the possibility of keeping hot drinks for up to 12 hours.

It is a very unusual product, very difficult to find with so many functions. Best of all, it doesn’t even cost 15 euros/dollars.

Smart portable dishwasher

If you don’t have a dishwasher in your home, it may be Xiaomi Be the best trade you can make. It is tiny in size, good in capacity, and can be carried easily. It is very valuable for small houses or families of 2 or 3 people.

Again, this is a smart product that can be programmed with the mobile or with voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant. Its price is around 130 euros / dollars, a very interesting figure for a product with these characteristics.

smart english teacher with screen

This product is one of the most interesting that we have passed in Youpin. It is a kind of smartphone focused on being you personal assistant with languages. The entire interface is designed to be able to translate content and help you learn a language.

It has a camera, microphones and speakers, as well as complete software to help you translate simultaneously in the best conditions and without internet. If you are a person who travels a lot or wants to learn a language, it seems like a very useful and financial product. It costs less than 100 euros / dollars.

These are the 4 Xiaomi products more strange and interesting than we have contrary on Youpin. Their operation on the Poniente platform is almost useless, but you can find these products on Aliexpress or similar stores, as many of them are available at slightly higher prices.


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