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Virgin Gaming: Win with your games!


Virgin Gaming: Win with your games!

E3 2010


Sir Richard Branson’s group of companies is once again entering the toy market.

Sir Richard Branson is a billionaire businessman Virgin almost everyone has probably heard of his group of companies. There are or have been businesses in a very colorful area of ​​the company, such as its airline (Virgin Atlantic), its former record store network (Virgin Megastore), last year as a sponsor behind Ross Brawn, and this year it already has its own Virgin Racing team (Timo Glock and Lucas Di Grassi are the pilots). Many may also remember that there was a toy publisher a few decades ago Virgin Interactive Westwood, for example, released some of Westwood’s early games as the first part of the style-creating Dune II or Command & Conquer series, but they were also the publishers of the first two Broken Sword games and in Europe episodes. The publisher was then bought by management and then bought by France’s Titus Sofware and renamed Avalon Interative in 2003.
With Branson ‘s latest venture, Virgin Gaminggel is once again targeting players, wanting to bring together an online community of obsessively competing gamers. People playing on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles are welcome to visit virgingaming.com, who enter their player ID during registration and can then enter various tournaments. The game offerings are still under development, there are currently some EA Sports games to choose from (FIFA 10, etc.) and announcements about partners and games are expected in the coming month. Where this is not prohibited by national law, players may enter cash prize tournaments with a credit card or PayPal. (Hungary seems to be missing this option, the top-up menu item after registration is not available at the moment.)
Following the announcement of the service’s launch, the founders took an armored cash-in-transit vehicle in front of the E3 showrooms, where $ 1 million in cash was displayed (see photo), indicating that Virgin Gaming players will win cash and in-kind prizes in the first 12 months. .
Photo: Berliner Photography