Vodoo Vince remastered is one of the Microsoft exclusives scheduled for pre-E3 2017. The title in question is a 3D platformer originally released in 2003 exclusively on the first Xbox and starring the doll Vodoo Vince struggling with environmental puzzles and strange enemies, through areas full of dangers and secrets. The game was totally in English, so we hope that for this remastered version Microsoft Italy has decided to insert a translation even only through subtitles, also because it could be a good excuse for rediscover this video game.

This retelling was developed by Beep Industries (already author of the original) through the program . New features include: Full HD graphics with an aspect ratio of 16: 9, unlocked framerate at 60fps, revised graphics assets, improved visual effects and goal support. We also remember that Vodoo Vince will be part of the Play Anywhere program (buy once, play on two platforms).

Vodoo Vince remastered will be available on April 18, 2017 in exclusive to Xbox (Xbox One & Windows 10) and Steam platforms at an indicated price of € 14.99. Little curiosity: did you know that this is the favorite video game from Phil Spencer? Who knows that a second chapter will come out sooner or later.


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