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Warframe comes to Android with cross-play and cross-save

Warframe comes to Android with cross-play and cross-save

Are you a fan of putting Warframe on for hours? Then you will love this message. During TennoCon 2021, many news stories were announced about this upcoming shooter collection and among them are three highly anticipated features: Warframe is coming to Android, it will have cross-play and cross-save.

Warframe is coming to Android and iOS soon

Despite having been on the market for 8 years, Warframe is a collection with a fandom huge that still has many hours of fun to offer. In Digital Extremes (its developers) know this and that is why they continue to release newscasts in every detail of this popular free science fiction.

What later we know about it? At TennoCon 2021 they showed a video of more than 1 hour in which they detailed some new features that Warframe will receive in future updates. The most important thing for us? Warframe will soon have a mobile translationa feature in high demand among users.

In the main video, they showed a graceful playing Warframe from an iPhone 12, showing the first details of what the collection interface will look like and graphic quality. The collection was executed with great ease, an indication that the enlargement is sailing astern. Be careful, we know that one could not expect less from a visible mobile phone, but one thing that characterizes Warframe is its performance on different platforms, even on the limited Nintendo Switch.

In the video too Android is mentioned, so it is a fact that this collection will arrive in its mobile translation to the two most used operating systems today. When will it happen? We do not know, but some specialized pages talk about what it will be this year.

You can put Warframe on various platforms and pick up where you left off

Play in any circumstance. With anyone.

Cross Play and Cross Save are coming to #Warframe on all platforms, including mobile.

Officially in extension. pic.twitter.com/JtjyeuWbBC

— WARFRAME (@PlayWarframe) July 17, 2021

Along with the preliminary reveal, in that same video you can see that the iPhone player was in the same frame as other users who were playing from the computer, a PS5 and a Nintendo Switch. Does this mean what you think? Yes, and that is another of the news announced.

Warframe will soon receive an update that will allow the cross platform collection. Additionally, to this novelty is added another very important one, the crossed draw. What does this all mean? That very soon you will be able to log in with your Warframe account from any platform, put the collection and continue where you last left off, even if you use a different platform.

An example? Yesterday you went to bed you played on the computer, the next day on the way to work you played a collection from your mobile and in the afternoon you lay down on the sofa to play with the Switch. All this continued your departure from the same circumstance where you left off on the preliminary platform.

It was a highly requested feature by Warframe players and will soon be a big one for the collection. We have a date? There isn’t even a specific term, but should take juxtaposed to The New Warthe new Warframe expansion, in the coming months.