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Watch the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games live: schedule and calendar

Watch the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games live: schedule and calendar

Without a doubt, these are the most special Olympics. After being postponed for a year, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are finally here, but whoever wants to see them will have to do so through their television, mobile, tablet or computer since the authorities, given the situation, have decided to celebrate them. no audience.

Thus, with the resistant representation that Spain has this year, there are not a few interested in the Olympic Games. So that you don’t miss a thing, in this post we are going to summarize the different ways to watch each sport of the Tokyo 202.01 Olympic Games live.

RTVE Play offers us up to 5 signals so we don’t miss the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

As always, RTVE is in charge of covering the event in Spain. This year it will start on July 23 and end on August 8, which is more than two weeks after the Olympics.

The RTVE Play website is now ready to offer each sport live.

Perhaps the easiest way to learn about each discipline is by visiting the website of RTVE Playfrom which we can yield to a multi-camera system to be able to visualize the ceremony from different points of sagacity, and once finished, watch different sports at the same time.

The website itself includes the schedules of each sport and with the click of a python you can yield to the signal that you are most interested in seeing.

The Tokyo 2020 app can help you go directly to the sports you care about

A total of 46 sports are played in this edition of the Olympic Games, so you may not be interested in all of them. That’s where the official app of the Olympic Games can help inform you only about the disciplines that interest you.

When you install the application, it already suggests that you indicate which sports accompany you the most, and even which country you support to be aware of its development in the Games.

Thus, the application can send you notifications every time a classification of your favorite sport begins when your country participates, or notify you when it ends with a summary of the results.

Of course, you will not be able to see the Olympic Games from the app, although it does have summaries and best moments. Of course, if you combine it with the RTVE Play website to which we previously linked, you can use the notifications as an alert to give in to RTVE Play and watch the sport that is about to originate live.

And if you don’t want to install the app, you can always go directly to the official website where master calendar and a daily calendar which you can filter by sport.