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WatchDogs the app to control access to WhatsApp

WatchDogs the app to control access to WhatsApp

The theme of the security on WhatsApp is very much in the foreground in this last period, with the developers introducing the new encryption system on Android that have made the application much more secure for users’ data and their privacy. In contrast to this, however, a new application called WatchDogs, which allows you to monitor accesses made to WhatsApp by a particular contact.

WatchDogs is like a watchdog once you enter theapplication you can choose an existing WahstApp contact, or enter a new phone number, and Arnold, the watchdog, will go to monitor whenever this contact logs in to WhatsApp by sending a notification at each registered access.

But Watchdogs gives you real inspector numbers, with a series of information which concern the dates and time of accesses made by the monitored contact, the average duration in which it remained connected and a history, displayed on the calendar, of the accesses made. In addition, the app allows you to disable notifications and remove advertising from the application.

Surely this application will open again discussions on the topic of privacy on WhatsApp, for those who want to try the application, WatchDogs is available for a limited trial period, at the end of which you can acquire the premium package at price of € 3.99. You can download the application directly from this link.