The team responsible for The Sinking City finally revealed the date of the switch premiere of their game. Nintendo Switch users will be able to move to the sinking city on September 12. The game will be available only in digital version. Below you can see the latest production trailer. I also encourage you to read our review. Konrad liked the overall atmosphere of the production and the captivating storyline. Unfortunately, he was not satisfied with the disappointing ending and repetition in the gameplay layer. The Sinking City also did not avoid a large number of technical errors.

The Sinking City is a horror action adventure game by Frogwares studio, known primarily from games about Sherlock Holmes. Although theoretically their latest production is not set in the Lovecraft universe, it is easy to get confused, because the world of The Sinking City and its mythology are torn from his prose alive. No wonder – after all, the game was supposed to be called Call of Cthulhu at the beginning. We play the role of detective Charles Reed, who has a case to solve in the American city of Oakmont, haunted by a mysterious flood.

The Sinking City – trailer


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